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Caroline Winberg
@carolinewinberg, supermodel

Heat has become a great addition to my workout and beauty routine in Stockholm. After working and flying allover the world the sauna really helps with getting my body back in shape ( de bloating ) and my mind back on track. Did I mention it also makes your skin glowI’ve always had difficulties with sleep and the sauna helps with that as well

If I’m in Stockholm I try to go at least twice a week. The best investment in myself

Simon Sköld
@simonskold, Swedish professional MMA fighter

The IR Sauna has been a great way for me as a fighter to give my body the recovery it needs when I’m in a camp! It's relaxing, and it helps me maintain my weight at the same time as it's a timesaver as I actually can work while I do it.In the off season it helps me to heal my body and keep my flexibility.

Maria Ahlgren
@maria_ahlgren, Health & Beauty Editor Damernas Värld

Heat and light are the new golden standards in skincare.Serums and creams are all great, but heat and light are really next-level in terms of both treatment and prevention. I love the effects the infrared sauna has on my skin – the firmness, the long-term collagen boost, the repairing effect and the instant glow. The post-detox glow is insane!

Another thing I notice are the drastic effects on puffiness.Stress, travelling and PMS makes me really bloated – like chipmunk bloated – but after a full session HEAT I can slip into my jeans again.

The effect on the mind is striking. After a session, my head iscalm and clear. I go in with a messy, overwhelmed brain, and exit 45 minutes later with a refreshed mind and new energy.Many parts of my new book were born in the heat. When body and mind are balanced and relaxed, magic happens.

HEAT is truly my happy place. It's a gem! It's the ultimate quick-fix, urban retreat to re-boot body and mind.

Maria Ahlgren, Health & Beauty Editor Damernas Värld & Author of the Beauty food cookbook series

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