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Our story

HEAT was established in 2018 as the first detox lounge in Scandinavia. Located on Birger Jarlsgatan 18 in downtown Stockholm, Sweden, this unique concept offers three private, exclusively crafted, full spectrum infrared saunas.

“I would go into the sauna tired, worn-out and swollen and exit
50 minutes later, feeling reborn and full of energy.”

HEAT was founded by Norwegian model Sophia Lie as an antidote to a stressful and hectic lifestyle. After more than a decade in the fashion and beauty industry, working for brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and H&M, the constant traveling and intense schedule had started to take its toll. Sophia found out that well-being is more than just eating healthy and exercising regularly and soon infrared sauna therapy became a fundamental part of her recovery routine. The body – as well as the mind – needs to recover and detox properly.

After four years of personal experience combined with in-depth research, Sophia finally opened HEAT – Scandinavia’s first full spectrum infrared sauna lounge. Attracting people from all walks of life, the success was immediate.

HEAT utilizes full spectrum infrared light in combination with medical grade, built-in LED light therapy. A session at HEAT works in depth and generates a genuine, unique boost that relaxes, recharges and reenergizes both mind and body.